Being like modeling clay

I was used to talk to different people about different topics. I knew that I always had friends who are not fitting together cause they are of a to different kind. But I didn't know nothing about the reasons why my surroundings are like that.

I knew that my IQ is higher than average. But I thougth that highly gifted people are those anoying little kids who are able to play mozart at the age of 3 and may explain to you quantum physics when they are 5. I wasn't like that. I was differend, but I thought I was "normal". I was used to be interested in many things, and that I am able to dive in in a new interest and getting good at it in a short periode of time. And I tried to motivate others to be in the same euphorical state like I was. But it was not easy. They won't do the same things in that way like I did.

Till I found an interesting book by Andrea Brackmann. Being as I am seems normal for people like me. Reading this book eases my life because I now know what I am. I'm like modeling clay, a polymorph or multipotentialite as Emilie Wapnick names it on here site. I had done a lot of “hobbies” aka obsessions, like Sports, music, singing, and a lot more. I was in the IT long ago and switched to psychology and am a trainer for argentine-tango, using Drupal for my websites and am a coach and … All that I’ve done I’ve done it completely with passion and was good at it, advanced faster than others. And than I switched, again and again. Every few years.

“It’s lonely at the top” as a friend of mine once said. For me it means I’m good in too many things, and sometimes I scare others being better in a short period of time. I tried to motivate others in doing like I did, but they can’t, as I figured out 10 years ago.

Yes, I have a high IQ, but since 5 years I know that I’m “puttylike”, and that makes me smile, cause I found that I’m not alone anymore, there are others like me.

But it doesn’t feel like wanne-switch anymore. Though I haven’t found my “niche” yet. “Coaching, dancing, sitebuilding, writing, speaking, … is that still the right, the best mix?”, that’s what I’m pondering.