Second nature by a conscious approach

Every one wants to do things the easy way, without any efforts like a second nature. This happens when your subconscious mind knows how to do it in the right way. But to train your subconscious mind you have to it with your conscious mind. Use it to plan, structure, organize, set goals, think about the "Why", visualising about the "What it might be" or "How it should be".

It's like tangodancing, learning something new, e.g. a new sequence. It's hard for me to get it in the beginning, it's hard to dance it, it's hard to understand it. But when I tried a lot, consciously, asking the teachers about the nuts and bolts of it, than after a period of time my body gets it. And that means that my subconscious mind got it. And THAN the learned steps are coming just so with no effort, cause I trained my subsconscious mind.

I know a lot of people who tried it in a subconscious way. Just doing it - without thinking - hoping that they will get it on the way. But when you do something the wrong way again and again you will make it evtl. perfect, but the wrong way. In my tangoclasses are often people who dance for a long period of time and arguing about what I try to teach them. They say "I've done it different and it works", yes it works but it doesn't fit to the music or works just with the dancers they exercised it with. And so they have to learn it bit for bit again, consciously. And than it fits to the music, works fluend with any dancer and is done in a smooth and easy way, without the efforts before.

Sometimes you first need to make it hard for yourself to make it easier for yourself.